Miriam Makeba

Call Me Mama Africa

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Alexander and Draga.jpg

Draga Mašin and

Alexander I of Serbia

Shock and Scandal in the Royal Court

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Bill Millin

The Mad Piper of D-Day

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Elena Mukhina

Pushed Too Far

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Malalai of Maiwand

The Girl Who Sang in Battle

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Jasper Maskelyne 1 (2).jpg

Jasper Maskelyne was a magician who fought for the allies during the second world war. During his time in service, his two careers would meet when he made a harbour disappear, the Suez Canal vanish and manifested a full army out of thin air.


Mochizuki Chiyome

Leader of the Ninjas

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Audrey Munson

"Miss Manhattan", The Muse of New York

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