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William Adelin

The King Who Never Was

Coming soon...


Mirza Fatali Akhundov

Bringing the West to Him

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Agent 355_edited.jpg

Agent 355

America's Best Kept Secret

Coming soon...


Naziq Al-Abid

The Red Crescent of Syria

Coming soon...


Louisa Aldrich-Blake

Entering the Operating Room

Coming soon...

Alexander and Draga.jpg

Alexander I of Serbia and Draga Mašin

Coming soon...

Shock and Scandal in the Royal Court

Al Hurra.jpg

Sayyida Al-Hurra

The (Pirate) Queen

Coming soon...

Anarkali and Salim.jpg

Anarkali and Salim

Breaking Forbidden Walls

Coming soon...


Vasily Arkhipov

A Single Vote

Coming soon...

Awilda 1.jpg

Awilda was a princess who decided that instead of getting married, she would run away and capture a pirate ship. Awilda would lead one of the most fearsome crews of pirates.

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